February 1, 2008

Bisquick Coffee Cake - The lighter version

Some one mentioned Bisquick Coffee Cake the other day. It got me to thinking that I hadn't made it for a long time. Now that I'm home convalescing, I decided to make one. But, there was no longer a recipe on the Bisquick box! What to do, what to do? Google, of course. None of the listings were exactly what I remembered, but they were a starting place. This is what I came up with:

Bisquick Coffee Cake, the Lighter Version

  1. Heat oven to 375 degrees. Spray cooking oil on 8 or 9 inch square pan.

  2. Make Streusel Topping

  3. Make batter

  4. Pick your option.

  5. Bake for 20-22 minutes, testing with a toothpick. Cool 10 minutes before serving.

Cinnamon Streusel Topping:

2/3 cup Heart Healthy Bisquick

2/3 cup packed brown sugar

1 t. ground cinnamon

4 T. butter or margarine (soft, not melted)

Mix all in small bowl until crumbly.


2 cups Heart Healthy Bisquick

2/3 cup fat-free milk

2 T. sugar
1 egg

Stir until blended


These are your options, (options are good):

A. Spread batter in pan, top with streusel topping.

B. Take 1/3 of streusel topping, mix into batter. Spread batter in pan, top with streusel topping.

C. Spread batter in pan, top with 1/3 streusel topping, use knife to swirl topping into batter. Top with remaining streusel topping.


  1. I've lightened the original Bisquick recipe by using 2 egg whites for the eggs and using only 1TBs. butter in the topping. I use skim milk too. It turned out cakier than the original and my husband still liked it.

  2. Thanks jan for stopping by my blog and signing up for the giveaway.


Hope you like the recipe, and thank you for commenting.